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Founded by Jess and Kaarin Fairfax, The Little Theatre Company curates spaces where young and old can create, imagine, think and connect with each other through the arts.


The company is founded on the conviction that the arts, as a vehicle for storytelling, is a vital part of community and should never be reserved for only those who can afford it.


The arts allow us to foster understanding and empathy, while questioning and challenging the unjust.


Our main projects include weekly drama classes for young people in Point Cook, who write and devise a piece to perform at the end of term. The classes aim to build our student's confidence and realisation of what they are capable of, while developing stagecraft and performance skills. We also run a philosophy cafe that uses music and poetry to connect community in conversations that ask us to reflect on the parts of our lives we often take for granted.


We love to play, we love to create and we love to dream.

I hope you will join us in making this happen.

Kaarin & Jess Fairfax

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