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Founded by Kaarin Fairfax, The Little Theatre Company (LTC) has had many reincarnations. It has always been our aim to encourage artists to be the best they can be. We love to nurture young burgeoning talent, guiding our artists in a way that is wholesome and encouraging, while instilling an understanding of the arts industry and how it works. 


In Australia we need to expand our pool of writers and creators so there is fair and equal opportunity for all artists to find their voices and express their views. We will then see the innovation and growth our industry so desperately needs.


We love to play, we love to create and we love to dream. We at The Little Theatre Company strive to bring together a community of people wanting to work together in a shared and nurturing experience. 

I hope you will join us in making this happen.


Kaarin Fairfax 2023

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