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The Little Theatre Company (LTC) directed by Kaarin Fairfax and Ryan A. Murphy are excited to present the Victorian Premiere of Chemistry by Jacob Marx Rice. Chemistry is one in a series of three plays that the writer has dubbed his suicide comedies.

Director Ryan A. Murphy has described the play as “A well balanced, relevant and timely piece that explores heavy ideas and themes, that will still make you laugh.”

‘Real, poignant, and funny’ – Chelsea Now

Chemistry will be the first play to be produced by LTC at Alex Theatre St Kilda in August of this year as part of their appointment as the resident theatre company of the Alex Theatre St Kilda.

Steph is a 20 something, working in a bar, trying to get a handle on life. She struggles with chronic depression. Jamie works for government and is a high achiever, he just overachieved himself off the deep end. When they meet in their psychiatrist’s office, sparks fly, and they stumble unexpectedly into a beautiful relationship. But how do you trust someone else when you are already in a battle with your own brain? 



Since its premiere Chemistry has garnered numerous awards including the Jean Kennedy Smith Playwriting Award from The Kennedy Centre, the Excellence in Playwrighting Award at New York City Fringe and the Producers Pick Award from Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“Brilliant! A dark and twisted ride down the beautifully winding road that is love.”
Discover Hollywood Magazine

“Sharply written banter and well-delivered one-liners allow us to access the tragedy unfolding before us.”
Chelsea Now 

“I try to write comedies but everyone always ends up crying”

Jacob Marx Rice


Director: Ryan A. Murphy 

Featuring: Monique Fisher, Thomas Filer 

Set Designer: Juliette Whitney 

Sound Designer: Memphis LK 

Costume Designer: Alexandra Whitehead 

Choreography & Movement: Eliza Grundy 

Stage & Production Manager: Alysha Watt 

Producer: Kaarin Fairfax

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