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Cafe Philosophique Des Toilettes

Spoken word poetry and philosophical conversations inspired by public toilet wall graffiti found in Melbournes pubs

Lavish purple carpets, wall to ceiling mirrors, eccentric antiques, ottomans and a grand piano. Welcome to Alex Theatre St Kilda.

Add some poetry, a philosopher and red wine and what could be a more a perfect way to pay tribute to the late night ponderings and philosophical musing we often find ourselves having and sharpie pen sharing as we sit perched on the toilet seats of our favourite pubs and clubs.

Curator Jess Fairfax has scoured these colourful walls and selected some of the most insightful conversation starters. Passing them onto a selection of Melbournes finest spoken word artists and storytellers, they will now write their own odes to to these delicate doodles. Following on from the performances we will open up the conversation, with philosopher Alison Kennedy facilitating a Philosophy Cafe style discussion with the audience.

Please join us to enjoy, listen, engage, contribute and make conversation around a cultural phenomenon that connects us through closed doors and walls.


Cafe Philo Poster 1.jpg

Wednesday Feb 28 8:00pm

"Everyone Poops” ft. Emilie Zoey Baker, Sean M Whelan & Tumi


Wednesday March 7 8:00pm

“The Unfed Mind Devours Itself” ft. Declan Furber-Gillick, Gabriela Georges and Amanda Anastasi


Wednesday March 14 8:00pm

“Do Souls Exist?” Ft. Wani, John Englezos and Tariro Mavondo


Wednesday March 21 8:00pm

“There Is More to Me Than I Once Was Taught” ft. Tenda McFly, Steve Smart and May Jasper


Wednesday March 28 8:00pm

“When There Is No Struggle, There Is No Strength” ft. Abdul Hammoud, Sharifa Tartoussi and Andy Jackson

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