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Cafe Philosophique De La Mort


When: Thursdays in November 2018

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Where: The Alex Theatre St Kilda, 1/135 Fitzroy Street St Kilda

Price: $15

Cafe Philosophique De La Mort will utilise poetry and music to prompt safe and engaging conversation around death and dying. We will seek to better understand its process, overcome our fears, consider our rituals and discuss whether we need others. We will look into grief and how we can support those experiencing loss and we will evaluate the ways our communities support the ageing process.


Thursday Nov 1, 7.30pm
Death and Dying
Spoken Word: Fleassy Malay | Gabriela Georges | Sean M Whelan | Penelope Bartlau
Music: Kate Lucas

Thursday Nov 8, 7.30pm
Ritual and Remembering
Spoken Word: John Englezos | Andy Jackson | Quinn Eades | Tariro Mavondo
Music: Nhatty Man, Daniel Seifu and Solomon Sisay perform Tizita: Ethiopian songs of nostalgia

Thursday Nov 15, 7.30pm
Spoken Word: Christine Burrows | Sermsah Bin Saad | Amal Ibrahim | Sharifa Tartoussi
Music: Kora maestro Amadou Suso

Thursday Nov 22, 7.30pm
Spoken Word: Declan Furber Gillick | Magan Magan | Trixie Rose | Izzy Roberts-Orr
Music: Meena Shamaly

Thursday Nov 29, 7.30pm
Aging and Mortality
Spoken Word: Farah Beaini | Enza Gandolfo | May Jasper | Freda Tsiloglou
Music: Eddie Ink

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